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"Rident stolidi verba Latina" - Ovid

A Very Boring Introductory Post in which I Discover that I Am No Good at Blogging

Salve(te, I hope…) reader(s) of this blog! (I know there is at least one of you because I’m going to make my boyfriend read it, just so I know someone’s reading. I know, how sad.)

Well, lots of people have been blogging about stuff they’re doing so I thought I’d give it a go too and have a proper blog, as opposed to the old thing where I just used to reblog pictures of Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes from Downton Abbey, with hashtags along the lines of “#CRYING”, “#SOBBING” and “#secretlymarried”

I hope that, now I’ve graduated, I might go on to do something vaguely interesting and possibly worth reading about, so this is going to be where I attempt to document my travels into the world of Postgraduate Study and Inevitable Bankruptcy in London. 

I’ll probably blog about the following: Classics, Leonard Cohen, food, cats, what I’m watching on telly, London, jobs (or lack thereof), booze, love, life and the universe (but only from the perspective of an Ancient Greek because I hardly know anything about modern science). Please follow me if you’re interested in any of the above. I promise to do better. Recommendations for blogs to follow would be great too!